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Business English, Environment/Conservation-related and Scientific Texts:

Prices are based on the source text as a standard line made up of 55 characters incl. spaces (DIN standard). All texts including challenging and more difficult texts will be charged at the following rates:


Price/ line

Price/ page/ hour
Translation of specific texts


Proofreading of specific texts  


Our prices are straightforward and direct. There will be no unforeseen administration costs or additional charges, so that you know from the onset how much your translation/ proof-reading work is going to cost you.

You can work out the price of the entire translation yourself by saving your document in MS Word , and clicking on Tools in the menu bar and then on Word Count to establish how many Characters (with spaces) your document contains.

Website Translation

Please ask for a quotation by e-mail info@der-fachuebersetzer.com , sending the URL web address of your website to give us an impression of the nature and size of your site. We are also able to incorporate our translation directly into your HTML pages.

Proof-reading of Scientific Papers and Technical Documents

Proofreading includes content editing i.e. syntax, improvement of style, improvement of comprehensiveness, correction of redundancies and repetitions.

Proof-reading of scientific papers and technical documents is charged at only EUR12, -- per page (based on 2000 characters incl. empty spaces) and including editing and highlighting corrections in MS Word using the tool for tracking changes.

Proof-reading of PhD Dissertations

We offer a 4 week proof-reading service for PhD dissertations. Price is negotiable




Why are our Translations so reasonably priced?

Our very favourable prices are due to the fact that your translations go directly to the translator as opposed to a translation agency administrator, reducing both the cost and processing time of your translation. You will be able to negotiate and communicate directly with the translator when you use Der Fachuebersetzer .

Inevitably, this direct line of communication means that the translator feels a greater sense of responsibility and conscientiousness in translating your work to a standard which ensures complete customer satisfaction.





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