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The legal conditions of the Federal Republic of Germany apply.

Upon placement of order, the general business terms and conditions are automatically accepted by the customer.  All verbal agreements must be confirmed in writing.

Conditions stipulated by the customer only apply when confirmed by us in writing.

All correction and translation work will be completed as quickly as agreed upon with the utmost care and accuracy and to the best of our knowledge according to the material we have available.

The customer will receive the translation or corrected text according to the terms agreed upon within the contract. The orders to be processed (texts) will be dealt with strictly confidentially by our team and will not be passed on to any third parties.

The prices may be set per line or page, or a fixed price may be agreed upon. A standard line contains 55 characters including spaces between words. Proofreading will be charged at a price per page.

We do not accept responsibility for any mistakes in the translation or proofreading which have been made due to incorrect, incomplete or inaccurate information provided by the customer. Any background material or information (e.g. internal company documents, manuals, specific company expressions) which may be necessary for the completion of a translation must be supplied by the customer.

Complaints must be made in writing within two weeks after delivery.








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